Ezekiel 27

Ezekiel 27


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The above map helps identify many of the places mentioned in the chapter either as trading partners or sources of goods to sell at home or overseas.

Ezekiel is unique in his elaborate description of the circumstances connected with the thriving city of Tyre and her widespread merchandise. It was the centre of the world’s wealth and commerce. He describes her under the metaphor of a ship constructed of the best materials but at length shipwrecked. “Her coming destruction is viewed in contrast with her existing greatness” (Fairbairn). The destruction of this city would have repercussions all over the known world at that time, as a great object lesson of the power of God against the pride of man. I dare say since the King of Tyre is a type of Antichrist/Satan in the next chapter that Tyre, like Babylon, is a picture of the godless world, loving mammon, and arrayed against God’s church.


Ruins of ancient Tyre.


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