Hosea (Kings in Hosea)


Sung Psalm 63:3-11

Read  II Kings 9:1-10 (I Kings 19)


Kings of Israel (total 19)
Dynasty I    Jeroboam I


Dynasty 2   Baasha


Dynasty 3   Zimri
Dynasty 4   Omri

Ahab (I Kings 21:25-26)



Dynasty 5    Jehu


With Jehu there were signs of a change as:

  1. He was the first king of Israel to be anointed by a prophet with oil
  2. Commissioned by God.
  3. Immediately and thoroughly executes his commission (by killing Joram, Jezebel, Ahab’s 70 sons and all the priests of Baal).
  4. References to Jehovah and Elijah (I Kings 10:10, 9:36)



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