Hosea (Office bearers)


Sung Psalm 132:9-16

Reading II Chron.11:5-17

Here we read of Jeroboam’s illegitimate priests and Levites in the Northern Kingdom (I Kings 12:31). Properly ordained all were Levites but the priests had to be descended from Aaron. Contrariwise many who feared God in the north migrated to Jerusalem and Judea including many priests and Levites (II Chron.11:5-17, 15:9-12 and later in 30:11). The priests and people in Judah were, at least to start with, faithful (Hosea 11:12). Going back in time in Judah we had Jehoiada guiding King Joash, Azariah standing up to King Uzziah and Jahaziel (II Chron.20:14) in the time of Jehoshaphat (II Chron.17:8-9).

At the return from captivity in Ezra 2:36-41, 61-62 and 70 we see the importance of lineage in the priestly and Levitical line.

In the north these were not the first illegitimate priests, we have the Levite who served Micah and then the tribe of Dan in Judges 17 and 18.

Hosea condemns every single one of those chosen by Jeroboam (4:4,5:1, 6:9) c.f. Amos 7:10-17.

Today this apostasy is played out in the false church of Rome and many other departing protestant churches where women, unconverted and un-ordained men and women take on official roles.

The pastoral epistles (Timothy and Titus) and our creeds (Belgic Confession Articles 30,31) list the qualifications which include male sex , not young, orthodox and godly, knowledgeable and with ability to teach (especially the teaching elder or pastor) and properly ordained.


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