Ezekiel 14

Ezekiel 14

Fairbairn in his excellent commentary entitles this chapter, “Hypocritical enquiries after God.”

This describes the contents precisely as these elders in exile, given over to idolatry, exhibit the same spirit as the false prophets described in the preceding chapter, indeed God explains that these false prophets are his righteous punishment for their voluntary intransigent idolatry. They mocked God professing to have a desire to know his will. There was only one way back and that was repentance and reformation. They were being deceitful with God so he would send prophets to deceive them (c.f. warning in Deuteronomy 13 and example of Ahab in I Kings 22:19-22..I Kings 22). The same judicial judgment occurs today (II Thess.2:11-12..II Thess. 2) and reaches its ultimate manifestation in Antichrist. So why are there so many false prophets today—because much of the developed world is given over to deceit in the form of evolutionism, political correctness and downright perversity. Notice that Daniel is mentioned who by the time Ezekiel wrote had been in Babylon about fourteen years and whose exploits would have already been widely known among the captives. In the last two verses the commentators envisage a remnant saved from death and taken to Babylon who acknowledge God’s righteous judgment without necessarily repenting and being saved.




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