Ezekiel 13

  Ezekiel 13


The true prophet now exposes the source of the people’s false expectations, of peace and security, in denouncing the false prophets and prophetesses. Some will be motivated by selfish gain but others are truly self-deceived. They are based in Jerusalem and in the captivity. Jeremiah names some of them (29:8, 9, 21). Their sin, repeated in every generation since, consists discarding the objective revealed word of God (given directly then but now in Scripture) and rendering the subjective personal feeling prominent. Their work is superficial window-dressing that will not stand the test. God will expose their lies and destroy them and do likewise to the women with their luxurious pillows and alluring veils. The major fault of these false prophets is that they do not preach repentance and allow people to carry on in their sin thinking there will be no judgment. Satan who is out to destroy lies behind their lies. Similarly today the false gospel of “ God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” lulls many into a false sense of security.



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