Hosea (History) Apostasy of the Kings of Israel

Apostasy of the Kings of Israel



Sung Psalm 106:19-25 Idolatry!

Read I Kings 12:20-32… the account of the division of the kingdom with repeated emphasis on the fact the worship was man-made.

In previous studies we noted;

  1. Division into two kingdoms.
  2. Two capitals.
  3. Two shrines (places of worship)-in the south at Jerusalem in north Bethel and Dan.Amos on Bethel see 3:13-15, 4:4, 5:4-6 and 7:10-13The places were chosen for geopolitical reasons to attempt to keep worshippers in the north and not going on pilgrimage to Jerusalem.                                                     Hosea 10:5,8,15, 12:4, 4:15 (Bethel=Bethaven=house of lies/tumult/idols) and Gilgal. Amos who prophesied just before Hosea mentions Jerusalem/Zion and Dan. Hosea does not mention Jerusalem but has much to say about Bethel (perhaps Dan had already fallen).
  4. The two calves c.f. Exodus 32:24 Jeroboam must have thought he had an auspicious precedent in doing this as Aaron had inaugurated the same idolatry at Sinai but he forgot the horrible aftermath. See 8:4-6, 10:5-6, 13:2, 14:2.

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