Ezekiel 11

Ezekiel 11


In this vision the prophet-priest sees twenty-five men at the east gate of the temple in Jerusalem. These men are not the priests seen previously but civil rulers of whom two are named. They are blamed for wicked leadership and for making the city one characterised by violence and murder. They also deny that conquest is near and that like the flesh inside a cooking pot they are protected inside the walls. But God says they will be brought out and in accordance as they have done they will be slain by the sword (this literally happened at the border of Israel see II Kings 25:5-7). In the vision as he prophesies what he was told, Pelatiah drops down dead (c.f. Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5). God then reassures Ezekiel that of all those of Israel and Judah that he is scattering among the heathen he will save a remnant and bring them back to their land and city (fulfilled in Ezra, Nehemiah and co) but ultimately fulfilled in the ingathering of the Gentiles brought into the covenant (v20) by regeneration (v19) and given heaven (typified by the land in v17). After this the glory of God removes to the Mount of Olives and Ezekiel, vision over, speaks to his fellow captives of all he has seen.


Mount of Olives


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