Respectable Sins (Study 6)

Respectable Sins   Study 6   November 28th 8pm (DV)

respectable sins

Chapters 14-16

Impatience, Irritability and Anger

  1. Is impatience always sinful?
  2. What ought we to do when tempted to be impatient?
  3. What lies at the root of irritability?
  4. How has anger permeated our homes?
  5. Contrast righteous anger (with examples) with sinful anger.
  6. How should we respond to people whose words or actions make us angry?
  7. What are often the real causes of our impatience, irritability and anger?
  8. What can we do about them?
  9. Have you any unresolved resentment, bitterness or grudges needing dealt with?
  10. Recently how have impatience and anger surfaced in your life.

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