Ezekiel 9


Ancient inkhorn

Ezekiel 9

There follows a vision of merciless judgment where six angles led by a seventh who is most likely a theophany of Jesus Christ, dressed in the fine linen of a priest and carrying an inkhorn, slaughter the population of Jerusalem starting with the idolatrous elders in the temple and including men, women and children. It is akin to the destruction of Sodom and the flood in that until the elect are marked and brought out of harms way, the judgment cannot fall. It is also a harbinger of the final day when all judgment is given unto the son of God. The fact that all ages were judged and condemned shows that the depravity of man is from conception and reprobation set from before conception! The Lord knoweth them that are his! Note what marked the elect–distress at the wickedness in their contemporary society.


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