Ezekiel 8

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Ezekiel 8


In the sixth year of the captivity, the prophet, sitting with elders in the captivity by River Chebar, is given a vision of the Lord as amber fire (just as John in Revelation) and then taken to Jerusalem to see the abominable things the elders of the remnant who remain under Zedekiah are doing there. He sees an image of jealousy, which might be Baal, or Moloch or Astarte, and many idols who are being offered incense thinking God does not see them. He sees women weeping for Tammuz (Aramaic name for Adonis, Venus’s lover who was killed by a boar and then restored to life) and representatives of the priesthood worshipping the sun (II Kings 23:5,11). He is also told how violence fills the land and one just has to think of India to see how violence against women and Christians is the direct result of gross idolatry. Their superstitious actions betray their practical atheism and their complacency and lack of assurance their formality, just as in Romanism today. As a result God will vent his fury and spare not.

Fairbairn, in his commentary, says that instead of being witnesses of the true God to the nations, the Jews have fallen before the heathen corruptions, which it was their calling to resist! As a result these heathen have become the instruments of his vengeance.




Far Eastern Demons





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