Hosea (History 11) The divided kingdom

Sang Ps.133

Read I Kings 12:20-33…the Kingdom divides.

Hosea in keeping with recorded O.T. history speaks often of:

  1. Two kingdoms. The reading gives the background to the split between the northern kingdom of Israel (often called Ephraim) and the southern kingdom of Judah which occurred under Rehoboam around 975 B.C. References: Hosea 1:11, 4:15, 5:5, 9-13, 6:4,10 and 11:12. Amos likewise does in Amos1:1 and 2:4,6.
  2. Two capitals. They were Jerusalem in the south and a series in the north starting with Shechem which was strategically placed high and central and had been where the rebellion occurred (also worth mentioning that it lay precisely between the places where the curses and blessings were proclaimed in Joshua 8:30-33), then Tirzah (I Kings 14:17, 15:21, 33, 16:8, 23-24), then Samaria. See also Hosea 7:1, 8:5, 10:5,7, 13:16 and Amos 3:9, 4:1 and 8:14.


Present day Shechem





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