Respectable Sins (Study 5) Questions

respectable sins

Respectable Sins                                Scheduled Sat. Oct 31st 8pm (DV)

Chapters 11 and 12

Pride and Selfishness


  1. What is God’s attitude to pride?



  1. Proof? (Prov.16:5, 21:4, James 4:6, I Peter.5:5, Proverbs 15:25).



  1. Examples in Scripture?


  1. Why is this God’s attitude?


  1. What forms of pride can you think of?


  1. What can we boast about? (Jer. 9)


  1. Do you think the pride of moral superiority and contempt of crass sinners prevents effective witness?


  1. What is the danger concerning right doctrine?




  1. What should our attitude be to achievement, ours, and others? (I Cor.4:7, Romans 12:15).



  1. What biblical principles counter the sinful desire for recognition?



  1. How does sinful independence manifest itself? What Bible verses counter this?




  1. What are some of the ways we manifest selfishness? (conversations, activities, thoughts).



  1. How can this be counteracted? (Phil.2:3, I Cor.13:4-5).


  1. What precious things should we share?





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