Respectable Sins (Study 4) Answers

Respectable Sins

respectable sins

Chapters 8 and 9

Anxiety, frustration and discontentment

  1. Anxiety we defined as worry or undue concern about everyday needs or relationships that disturb your peace and contentment and show distrust of God.

Frustration is exasperation or desperation or annoyance that something has not gone the way I want it and I have been hindered. An everyday example would be road rage while driving.

Discontentment is feeling you have been deprived of something or are stuck in adverse circumstances that are not changing, or that you are missing out on something, it may be something unnecessary and you may be rich!


  1. These sins can lead to resentment, envy, hatred, covetousness, stealing, impulsive or lustful actions, anger and violence e.g. David and Bathsheba, Jonah’s complaint, Moses striking the rock.

3. Christ commands us not to be anxious but to make serving him our priority.


4. We do this by:

Praying (Psalm 62:8, Phil.4:6-7) and seeking his grace.

Know the Scriptures and believe his promises.

Using all you are and have to serve your church, fellow believers and in witness.

Struggling daily for righteousness and battling these sins.



  1. Psalm 139:16 assures us that God has planned all our days with purpose (written in the midst of persecution!)

6. Discontentment is not sinful if it concerns injustice and evil in the world, our own sins and lack of spiritual growth.


  1. In difficulties and when tempted to sin in these ways we need to remember God’s sovereignty, wisdom, goodness and love. (Paul’s thorn!)


  1. God may reveal that he is chastising us but also never reveal reasons for affliction in this life (e.g. Job).


  1. I Tim.6:6 written in the context of employment and false teachers who are mercenary, ungodly, malcontents teaches us that godliness and contentment (acceptance of our lot), which are closely linked, are blessings.

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