Solomon’s dedication of the temple.

In I  Kings 8 we have the account of Solomon dedicating his magnificent newly build temple to the God of Israel. It was seven years in building.

images images2

There are many lessons from this account:

  1. God has a timetable (David was forbidden but Solomon got the go-ahead). And this dedication was appropriately at the feast of Tabernacles in the seventh month (when incidentally I believe Christ was born).
  2. God has specific tasks for his people (viz. the builders, the artisans, Solomon).
  3. God’s glory was resident there and he answered Solomon’s prayer (Just as Christ was God tabernacled among men and hears our prayers).
  4. Solomon typified Christ in his intercession (his prayer is so akin to John 17)–there is nothing more Christ-like than intercession-how are you doing? His prayer had great foresight mentioning many future eventualities.
  5. His intercession included the gentiles.

A greater than Solomon has come as Christ said of himself and one hymn-writer admirably put it…”God contracted to a span, incomprehensibly made man!”


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