Indoor rowing



The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul (Proverbs 13:19). God-enabling after weeks trying I dipped below 75Kg and so entered the lightweight indoor rowing category. I have not been this weight (11st 11lb) since I was 17! Anyhow posted a couple of good times on Concept 2 world rankings (Rankings ) and I hope more will come. If you can’t access go to Concept 2 Rankings on web or see item below.Eventual aim is a medal at both Scottish and Irish Indoor Rowing Champs in November and January 2016 respectively (DV).

Here is what the machines look gray-d-female

Here’s what a race looks like on big screen:

2015 world champs 2000m!!!!!!


Indoor Rower | 1 minute | Men’s | Lightweight | Ages 60-69 | Current 2016 Season /World

Average Meters: 294

90th 75th 50th 25th
328 314 301 278

Place [?] Name Age City State Country Distance Source [?] Type [?]
1 Photo Email this rower Steve Roedde 61 St. Joseph Island ONTARIO CAN 344 C2Log I
Photo Email this rower julian kennedy 63 Ballymena IRL 328 IND I
1 Photo Email this rower Tom Phillips 60 Bronxville NY USA 328 C2Log I
1 Photo Email this rower Stan Shatenstein 61 Montreal QC CAN 328 IND_V I
4 Photo Email this rower alain mangin 66 langueux FRA 325 C2Log I

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