Respectable Sins (Study 4) Questions

Scheduled for Oct 10th 2015 (DV)

Chapters 8 and 9

Anxiety, frustration and discontentment.

Read I Peter 5: 6-7 and Phil.4:6-7.

1.Define anxiety, frustration and discontentment.





 2. What other sins can they lead to?



 3. How does Jesus say we should respond to anxiety (Matt.6:25-34)? 


 4. Practically how do we do this?



 5. What comfort in frustration do we get from Psalm 139:16?



 6. When is discontentment not sinful?


 7. What attributes of God and his ultimate purposes must we remember in difficulties?


 8. Might God never reveal the reasons for difficulties in our lives? 


9. Can you share a situation when tempted to anxiety or despair, acceptance of God’s will led to contentment?


 10. Check I Timothy 6:6 in context and describe what it teaches.


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