Answering the Sceptics.

Here are my notes from this recent conference held in Whitewell  Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast. It was not so Mega sadly with only a few hundred participants with perhaps 400 on the Saturday evening. It is just a taster of what is taught and their range of beautiful books and DVDs can be found on their website and are highly recommended for deeper study.

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Ken Ham the CEO of AIG (Answers in Genesis) often uses as the basis of his messages the diagram

below: click to enlarge.


He correctly criticises most of today’s churches who compromise on the authority of Scripture by abandoning the literal truth of the Genesis account of creation thus listening to Satan’s attack on God’s truth. Secular schools support the theory of evolution and contribute, along with departing churches to the exodus, in droves, of their young people.

In a second message Ham categorically stated that the present is not the key to the past. Naturalism is atheism. Processes are not uniformitarian (II Peter 3:4-10). Observational (real) science is very different from historical science (the processes of earth’s development).We have to remember that the world lies under the sway of Satan and the antithesis (light and faith confronting darkness and unbelief) is very real.

In a third message on the origin of races and animal species Ham showed that the correct view of the animal kinds (groups of species in a family) is that of an orchard, not one tree (see diagram).

Slide1et  Theory of evolutionary tree.

Ham reckons there were approximately 1500 kinds on the ark.

There is only ONE RACE—the human race. What we see today is shades (not colours) of people groups. The original pair had the genes to procreate all the different shades from light brown to almost black.


He poured scorn on poodles showing that selective breeding actually produced less genetic information. He added quaintly that the only racial marriage forbidden in Scripture is that of believer with unbeliever (Adam’s fallen race with Christ regenerated race).

Steve Ham, Ken’s brother spoke on worldviews which are the starting point determining ethics. The biological, naturalistic and evolutionary worldview based on a flawed theory underlies much of the widespread evil among the nations since Darwin e.g. Nazism and Socialism. What animals do, we as descendants of them and being like them can do the same—kill, hurt, pervert sex etc. Natural law becomes moral law becomes national law and then civil rights! Homosexuality is a clear case in point.

Paul in Romans goes as far as saying that because mankind has turned from God, God gives them up to UNNATURAL lusts. What was natural, in the beginning was heterosexuality between one man and one woman in a committed married relationship. He also spoke of equality in humanity but distinction in gender.

Man Woman Marriage
Leader Helper One flesh union.
Provider Nurturer Picture of Christ and the church
Protector Motherhood

Dissolving these distinctions leads to sexual perversion and gender role reversal (and sinful practices in church leadership—JK).

Dr Andrew Snelling, who also led a very informative outing to the Giant’s Causeway spoke on geology and the fossils and rock layers requiring catastrophic processes. The sedimentary rocks (laid down in water) furthermore run across continents, proving a global flood. They show:

  1. Rapid burial of creatures and plants with small marine creatures (the basis of chalk) found all through the sequences (95%) and even up in the Himalayas. They are buried along with fish, land animals and birds all together. No transitional forms are found, all appear suddenly. Fossil insects in amber are the same as insects today!
  2. Widespread rapidly deposited strata (layers) e.g. chalk beds found all over the continents. Grand Canyon formed rapidly! The fossil record is the burial record.
  3. Rapid or absence of erosion between strata.In another speech Snelling testified to his belief that Christ’s work in creation (as when he walked in Palestine) was instantaneous. God, the only eyewitness, gave the record to Moses and his Son Jesus Christ attested to it as history. The creation of six days gave us the pattern for work and rest. Jesus was frank about man’s unbelief (John 3:12)!In opposition to God’s word we have finite, fallible, fallen human reasoning.
The messages on UFOs and the creation of the universe (no “big bang” ) were a waste of time (in my opinion). Sorry Dr Danny Faulkner!
Dr Andy McIntosh’s two messages were masterful, showing how the Bombardier Beetle which, when defending itself, squirts out boiling hot caustic material from a chamber in its rear could NOT POSSIBLY have evolved. This is sophisticated engineering made by the greatest-ever divine Engineer. He did the same later describing flight and the amazing anatomy and flight ability of birds. e.g. the Humming Bird.
Carbon dating and all dating is based on assumptions concerning how much of the isotope was there originally and basalts inherit age from the mantle source. Most dating methods give a young age to the earth. Population growth over 6,000 years fits with the present 7 billion world population.
These layers were folded by great earth movements when soft. The flood year was also the time of continental plate tectonics and widespread volcanic activity. This explains the mix of igneous (volcanic), metamorphic (baked) and sedimentary rocks found in Ulster, especially the Antrim coast.

Another speaker made it clear that we creationists believe in natural selection but that it never creates new species. Mutations, the supposed basis of evolution are rare and mostly fatal. Genes are very stable biological compounds that do not change! One cell needs 250 different genes to function!

Finally Prof.Stuart Burgess, an eminent engineer involved in space exploration said simply from experience and his strong personal faith, that design does not happen by chance. Life demands vasts amount of information and this only happens by design. The simplest organism contains 580,000 pieces of information.


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