Respectable Sins (Study 3) Questions

respectable sins

CPRC Men’s Bible Study

Respectable sins     Study 3      Chapter 8 and 10

Scheduled Sept 19th 2015

Ungodliness and un-thankfulness


  1. How would you define ungodliness? (See Jude 15 and Rom.1:18).

Why are we so prone to this?

How does it differ from unrighteousness?

Are the ungodly wicked?

2. How can we train ourselves in godliness? (I Tim.4:7).

3. Do you think Bridges is correct in saying “ungodliness is apt to be the root cause of other sins” and that we are all guilty of it?

4. Explain James 4:13-15.

5. Why is Colossians 1:9-10 such a model prayer?

6. Why is un-thankfulness a characteristic of ungodly people? (Rom.1:21) How is it expressed?

7. Count some of your blessings.

8. Why should we be thankful for everything? (Acts 17:24-25, I Thess.5:18).

9. Why should we be thankful even if the situation is disappointing or difficult?

10. How can we by faith believe and thank God even in difficulties?

Can you share a time when you either could or could not do this? What lesson did you learn?
Pray for the desire and ability to grow in godliness and thankfulness.

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