The Decathlon

This track and field event for men is the greatest test of all round athletic ability and is a competition in track and field in local and national and international competition including the Olympic Games. The ten events in order are:

Day one-100m, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump and 400m.

Day two-110m hurdles, Discus, Pole vault, Javelin and 1500m.


There have been many great exponents over the years including the young Bob Matthias who won in 1948 aged 18, Daley Thompson of GB who kept beating the Germans, Thomas Dvorak and Roman Sebrle of Czechoslovakia, and the latest, featured in red above Asthon Eaton of USA.


Ashton Eaton current world record holder from the USA.

The breakdown of his world record

New world record 9045 points   Beijing World Champs 29/8/2015

Day One  4703

Day Two  4342


Eaton (Wikipedia)





Interview with Sebrle



untitled.png 2




Athletic builds: Small light distance runners, bigger middle distance runners and a heavier muscular decathlete.    Each event scores points measured roughly as 1000 points equals world record. So you can see 9,000 points is an average of 90% world record performances. Each event is a saga or story unfinished till the last event with fortunes ebbing and flowing. It still excites me and perhaps some day I’ll finish another one!

The greatest seen here in a documentary…




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