“Respectable Sins” Study 2

respectable sins


“Respectable Sins”   Study 2    Questions.

The Remedy for Sin

Chapters 4-6                                                                         Sat.Aug.29th (DV)


  1. Review in your mind and write down the Scriptural proof for the two major aspects of salvation that are ours in the Cross (Romans 6, Col.1 etc.)

2. Why ought Christ’s death and resurrection motivate us to deal with sin?

3. How does the truth of God’s forgiveness free us to honestly and humbly face our sin?

4. How does God bring conviction of sin to our consciousness? (John 16:8, II Tim.3:16)

5. What assurance do we have of forgiveness?

6. What promises do we have that God will continue to cleanse us from sin? Matt.5:4-6, Rom.8:31, Gal. 5:22-23, Phil.1:6, 2:12-13, II Cor.3:18, I John1:9 etc.)

7. What needs to be stored up in our minds to enable us to deal with sin?

8. What hinders us recognizing sin and why do we allow it to reign? (Rom.6:12).

9. What ought to happen as we pray about our hidden sins and pray for the Spirit’s help when situations trigger them?




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