Trinidad (31)

Last day here. Started with an hour’s run with Elvis, a light, fleet of foot middle aged man who lives nearby in Mayaro. He has run a half marathon in 78 minutes which is excellent running (85% age-graded). It was encouraging for me because had I not been a runner (of sorts) and not been over here I would not have been running with him and explain to him what was wrong with the large porcelain statue that we passed, that purported to be of Christ, why I was delighted a Jehovah’s Witness hall he told me about was destroyed in a landslide and recite to him the Apostles Creed!

Back home for lovely breakfast of fry-bakes and cheese and coffee.


Job 27 (like Psalm 73) shows that the prosperity of the wicked means nothing and indeed adds to his condemnation.

Job 28 shows us that wisdom is the most precious thing and is moral (not just intellectual), consisting the fear of the Lord and to depart from evil, in other words, salvation through repentance and faith, a sovereign gift from God. Christ is wisdom personified (Proverbs 8).

Amazing providence on way to airport. Clyde (my brother in law) had dropped Chris and Joseph and headed home while we were a bit later than them having got stuck in traffic. Marie said, “Clyde will be on way home better look out for him.” Almost the next car on the opposite carriageway was Clyde and we exchanged waves!

Guy next to me in airport lounge had on a plaster cast. I asked him what he’d done. He’d broken his ulna hitting a metal edge (simple crack). Was able to assure him it should heal no problem.

Many family saw us off British Airways flight scheduled 1735 (excellent service)arriving 8am tomorrow (Tuesday and was on time) and connection to Belfast 6pm same evening. Barely slept at all. Long wait and Easyjet was late.


Eventually glad to be met by Beth and Bradley Buchanan at the International Airport about 8.30…HOME!

Ballymena-Devotions Psalm 139:7-9 and Jeremiah 23:24…no matter where you go-God is there . He is omnipresent. He is even in hell in his wrath. Who attempted to hide from him/ Adam, Saul and the wicked will (Isaiah 2:10-12) but there is no evading him!



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