Trinidad (29)

Up early as Elvis, a local long-distance runner, called just after 6am to go for a jog. Then quick dip in the sea. Lunch is a big family affair at brother-in-law Ramesh and Christine’s house.

Correction on a bird (see pic) and a further one that is seen swooping over the local swimming pool and has a lovely light blue tinge.

Blue-black-Grassquit-Volatinia-jacarina-Trinidad-Tobago-birds-birdwatching-nature-animals-wildlife-environment-flora-faunaBlue-black Grassquit


Large family gathering for lovely food and drink In Eccles village. See pics below of menu and nosh which included BBQ chicken, Lasagne squares, rice etc.



Slide1The smiling faces hide many spiritual battles going on which I’ll share with some of you in person. Marie and I walked on beach later to see full moon which apparently was a “blue moon” last night! One more Lord’s Day and then on Monday we start return journey with nephew Chris, thankful for everything!


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