Prayer (James 5:13-16)

James 5

“The reason for sorrow in the midst of the sufferings of life is spiritual, for which there is no earthly cure. (e.g. alcohol or “comfort eating”-JK). The solution James says, is prayer. It is as simple as that. It is as difficult as that…it is a privilege given by grace on the basis of the merits of Christ’s cross…….prayer leads us to God’s word and to God himself revealed in his word where all life’s sorrows and afflictions are put into their proper spiritual perspective.” The prayer of faith of the elders shall save the spiritually sick one (v15). Elijah, a sinful man full of the same inordinate passions as we have, by God’s grace had power with God such that God listened to his prayer for a drought of three and a half years! Do you have God’s ear?

Quotes above from “Faith Made Perfect” by Herman Hanko.005


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