Water (2) Spiritual lessons



The triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit throughout Scripture are associated with water and their work likened to what water does in all it’s various purposes in creation. I will say nothing of the waters of judgment (the Flood) or waters of chastisement or persecution or sorrow that can flood our souls (Isaiah 43:2, Ps.69:1) or the infinite depths of God 9Ps.36:6)

Human beings experience thirst and God alone can satisfy that thirst (Is.55:1, John 7:37-39), Ps.36:9).

A) First in providence water is essential to all life just as God is the giver and sustainer of all life. All the basic functions of living things, and I will concentrate on animals, require water which as a universal solvent dissolves many solutes. It is this ability that enables life and is one reason only planet earth supports life.

The five basic functions of a living thing are: Respiration, Nutrition, Movement, Excretion and Reproduction.

1. Respiration–the intake of oxygen into blood and tissue and the excretion of CO2 from blood in the lungs involves diffusion and liberation of the dissolved gases from red cells and serum which occurs in the medium of blood (mostly water).

2. Nutrition–nutrients must dissolve in water, be acted upon by enzymes and then assimilated by diffusion or active transport through the bowel wall into the bloodstream, also impossible without water.

3. Movement–muscles (mainly water) contract and relax producing movement and to do this dissolved ions must move across membranes to allow action potential (small electrical currents) to trigger contraction and also the nerve impulses that tell the muscle to contract.

4. Excretion–the kidneys filter all the body water and excrete waste dissolved in water.

5. Reproduction and growth–water (in blood) enable vasodilation and stiffening of the male organ to allow mating and sperm requires (fluid) water to flow as does the egg to spin it’s way down tubes to the womb. Chromosomes in the water in cells unite to form a new individual and then replicate causing growth.

The above functions of water duplicate God’s providence upholding all things on earth.

B). Water reflecting God’s grace. God’s sovereign grace is centrally expressed in the cross where interestingly and significantly Christ said, “I thirst”. The application of the blessings brought to Gods people at the cross have two aspects: firstly water washes and we are washed in the blood of Christ (Titus 3:5, Heb.10:22). This washing is the immediate sanctification of regeneration which cleanses us from original sin and all the sin flowing from that source. This is sovereignly done to us by God. Thereafter there is the renewing of the Holy Ghost in progressive sanctification from within, like a spring of grace or a fountain (John 7:37-39). Also the knowledge and experience of God is drinking “from the river of thy pleasures” (Ps.46:4, 36:8).

What a wonderful, nay unique substance we have in H2O and what wonderful spiritual lessons are illustrated by its functions!




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