Dominican Republic (3)



Saturday July 18th 2015

Up a bit later. Off to gym–treadmill, elliptical trainer and weights, met a Colombian aiming to do a triathlon but who like me is a poor swimmer. Lovely lunch (as ever). Off in open bus to Dune Buggy Ride some 40 minutes away. It was an hour and a half that was DUSTY, BUMPY, SPEEDY and good fun with stops at a beach for a quick dip, then a very low tech farm that produced coffee, cocoa, honey, coconut oil, oregano etc. and finally a deep limestone cave with a cool pool  to jump in but with hundreds of buggy drivers coming and going to the small pool at the bottom of steps it was chaos! The major drawback of this kind of holiday is MASS PRODUCTION!







I found swimming face mask best for keeping dust out of eyes!


The Buggies–there were hundreds of them!



The beach at Macao.



The cave.

Some of the products at farm. IMG_4515[1] Cocoa beans


An aphrodisiac mixture of rum, red wine, honey and special tree bark chips.


Honey, coconut oil and vanilla.







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