Trinidad and Tobago (13)

Saturday July 11th.

Last day and last swim in Tobago at Store Bay. Snorkelling over by the rocky promontaries

th8NU880ZT thX6S6YL5U



The varieties!


Lots of striped ones aptly named “Sargeant majors”.

Fed them some bread!



Living marine jewels made by the divine artistic creator.

These fish are all seen by the coral reefs. Any idea how coral is formed? See..

Visited Botanic gardens, Scarborough (see pics).

IMG_4416 IMG_4415

Note the deep culverts (drains) to take run off from downpours over here!

IMG_4413 This stone, one of two is a memorial to a Glasgow man!

IMG_4412 IMG_4417

Just made it to check-in for flight to Trinidad having spent too long in a KFC queue and earlier realising (correctly at it happened) we had no paperwork for flight. ID (passport) is enough for check-in.


Both incidents led to frayed tempers! Not even time to refill hire car with petrol-gave them $20TT instead!

Lovely flight in ATR-72-600 turbo-prop aircraft, saw Caroni Swamp, Dragon’s Mouth, Point Fortin, Couva and San Fernando Highway. Sat next to Chinese neurosurgeon!

Tonight we are at Jackie’s house so less distance to travel to church in Tunapuna tomorrow. Starting to get some speed back in running did 5×120 tonight 19-20secs.

Lovely supper of roti, dal and chicken.

Bible time on the danger of riches James 5:1-6 plus lots of cross references.



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