Trinidad and Tobago (12)

Friday July 10th 2015

We headed up the island to try to get to Hillsborough Dam where the main town gets it’s water supply-sadly bureaucracy meant– no special pass–no entry–to see a dammed up lake! We stopped at a dryish Green Hill waterfall and took a few pics and there we strolled into the bush and saw massive bamboo (see pic) which they use in building houses.

IMG_4379 IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385 IMG_4386 IMG_4387

The large metal cogwheel from a waterwheel used in sugarcane manufacture was made in Glasgow in the 19th century and is like new.

On to Genesis Nature Park in Goodwood where Michael Spencer showed us his own little private zoo and sculpture collection. He kept a Capuchin monkey, wild pigs (peccaries), two boas, several huge tortoises, five Cayman etc.


Water lilies in cast iron pot–food for tortoises.


Example of his art–in mahogany.



Below–peccaries, Caiman, Orange Spotted Toed Tortoises


Saw a Bananaquit close up and a Cocrico flew in front of the car on way home. Michael himself testified to how he had been saved from a youth of drug abuse and was now a successful businessman and elder in the local Pentecostal church. Sadly he brought up the case of a young man who backslid awfully and ended up stabbed to death in support of his idea that a believer can lose their salvation. We tried to reason with him and show him Christ’s own are kept eternally secure by God’s power.






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