Baptism (3) Old Testament baptisms (purifications) were by sprinkling.

Further proof that OT baptisms were by sprinkling blood or water or oil or smearing blood on key body parts. Ex.29:4,7,20-21, Lev.8:11-12,19,30, 16:14-16,19. Num.8:7. This last reference is specially important as it was to fulfil this righteous command that John baptised Christ into the priesthood at age 30 in the Jordan and it HAD to be a sprinkling! If any dipping is mentioned it is NOT of the person or item being baptised but rather the act performed by the baptizer in dipping into a liquid and then administering the baptism. All these baptisms among the Jews in their ceremonial law are but types of the one true real baptism accomplished with the SPRINKLING OF CHRIST’S BLOOD AND POURING OUT OF HIS SPIRIT (I Peter 1:2, I Cor.12:13). TBC.



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