Trinidad and Tobago (9) Fish

Tuesday July 7th

Started the day at 0545 with a jog just over four miles down to Store bay beach and the perimeter of the airport. It is the best time of the day to run before sun comes up hot though today it has remained overcast and raining. I cannot get over the ingenuity of the Trinis in their names for common items e.g.

IMG_4297 and  IMG_4325

What could be softer than a cloud? Cotton wool? And what could a Likka Stik be other than an ice-lolly?

Read in “Faith made perfect” by Herman Hanko, “Pride is the ugly sin that makes a person set himself up as superior to others. ( Is this what underlies all sporting competition?-JK). Ultimately in pride a man considers himself superior to God, monstrous thought that it is.” It was the sin that made Adam and Eve say in effect, “We will determine for ourselves what is right and wrong.” (Precisely what people in our wicked society are doing these days descending into more and more wickedness-JK). Thus Hanko says, ” If one sets himself above God, he has no difficulty setting himself above his fellow men.” True humility, as seen in Christ, was a willingness to suffer for the glory of God in resisting sin, confronting sinful men and dying to save them–may God grant us such more and more!-JK


The scripture James mentions in chapter 4:5 is Proverbs 3;34. God resists, frustrates and ultimately destroys proud men. Humility in contrast is ” a conscious dependence on God and a willingness to serve him in whatever station and calling in life to which he calls us.” “Friendship with God is possible only when we live humbly with God.”

Over here workmen wear overalls-they must be VERY sweaty and uncomfortable. Everywhere you go men are strimming grass. Right-ready for the beach and some snorkelling!

Great time at Store bay beach where despite sun I did not burn (plenty factor 50). Lovely fish among the rocks and coral. saw school of baby reef squid, trumpet fish (the thin one) and a number of others (see pics). It was like being dropped into a sea aquarium. Joseph and Chris went on a jet ski!







Parrot fish




Then back to our apartment and pool for a dip.

The pool:






The one and only!


Cousins Chris and Kirstin


Auntie Monica




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