Trinidad and Tobago (8) Flowers

Monday July 6th

After a short hard run this am we took Caribbean Airlines 30 minute hop over to Tobago picked up our hire car (see below) and went to our apartment which is spotless and sweetly smelling (with anti mosquito spray)!


Waiting for 30 min flight.



Bernadette our host originally from Syria.


IMG_4287 IMG_4288 IMG_4292 IMG_4293 IMG_4294 IMG_4295

Sunshine Apartments

Thank you Lord.

Tobago is Trinidad’s sister island, measuring 20×4 miles, hilly rising to 1500 feet. Warm, tropical climate with NE trade winds and temps 23-32C. Population 54,000. Capital Scarborough 1,000. Currenc is T&T dollars (9 for £1). It was the place where Robinson Crusoe landed (Little Tobago) and where Ian Fleming (of James Bond fame) lived. Tourist paradise with lovely beaches, rain forest, dive reefs, historical sites and fauna galore including 220 bird species and 40 snakes and lizards.

Major downside to being here/ I’m bitten all over!

Devotions: I Cor.15:1-28

Christ’s resurrection vital to our faith.

Different from other resurrections in Scripture in that those folk still had to die again but he has the power of an endless life.

His resurrection fulfilled Scripture (Jonah, Psalms 16 and 22). Why could his body not corrupt? He is the first-fruits of the complete resurrection harvest of all his people.

Benefits to us? 1) Justification-sins forgiven and Christ’s righteousness ours 2) Sanctification-we are made new people 3) We will be resurrected bodily (glorification) one day.

Christ came to put down all his enemies namely sin, Satan and antichrist but the last to die eternally will be death itself.

Some of the plants among the apartments:


These three varieties are flowers within flowers!

IMG_4302 IMG_4301 IMG_4300 IMG_4298


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