Trinidad (7)

Sunday July 5th


I bucketed rain most of the night–must have been several inches! Most houses catch and use rainwater, for some it is all they have!

I listened to Rev. Stewart of my home church (C.P.R.C.) preaching on the benefit to God’s people on the resurrection (specifically that it assures them of their own bodily resurrection). Also listened to Jim Elliot (Martyr among the Aucas of Peru in 1956) speaking on how the resurrection was fulfilled Old Testament prophecy and together we listened to Rev. Huizinga speaking on homosexuality being the ultimate and worst fruit of man’s depravity and God’s judgment from Romans 1:18ff and again to Rev. Stewart live on Proverbs 6/7 “My son, keep my commandments and live.”


Little friends like this are all round the house and surprisingly easy to catch!

Walked up behind house after lunch and came across a large bat like this in a half built house


alongside this hairy black fellow:



I saw a butterfly apparently trapped by a daisy till I looked closer and saw the body of a green spider who had caught it fast.

IMG_4281 IMG_4280

Click on photo to enlarge.





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