Trinidad 2015 (2)

July 1st.

This is going  to be my electronic diary so if it bores you, just ignore it! Today we went to town to get two decent pairs of flip flops for us men. We met no less than three of Joseph’s female cousins, Fianna, Christal and Kristi as well as   Marie’ s brother Stephen.

Later when sun was not so hot, I jogged down the beach which had some fine seaweed on it but not a plague as I had been led to believe. The first surprise was coming across a young Savannah hawk that did not fly away, even when I got really close-saw what I took to be his mother too flying about, then five pelicans flew over in formation and three Frigate Birds circled. Thousands of black fat frog tadpoles crowded a brackish pool near the beach. Was tempted to swim in the sea that was at high tide and quite rough but I’ll leave that till tomorrow (DV).

th2  th Savannah Hawk and young one.

th3 Frigate Bird


thH2EMRLX4 Pelican.

In the evening I shared on James 2:21-23 and a paragraph from Hanko’s book about the privilege of being called “the friend of God.” (see next post)


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