Death-the intruder

Death-the intruder.


It’s always sad when a pet dies, never mind a human relative. Our rare little Crocodile Skink died yesterday. God gives life and breath to all things (Acts 17:25) and he takes it away too (Psalm 104:30). Since he alone is life  and possesses eternal life (I Timothy 6:16), all that is united to him also has eternal life (John 17:3) and since sin entered the world (before which there was no death) all the world  is naturally cut off from him and whether plant, animal or human it will die (Romans 5:17,  6:23, Genesis 2:17). Only those united to him by faith in Jesus Christ have life that lasts for ever but their bodies have to wait till the end of time for them to be given immortality (Romans 8:23).Meantime death reigns but he is an enemy that will one day be destroyed himself (I Corinthians 15:54). Then all creation will be immortal, hallelujah!


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