Respectable Sins

We men at CPRC start a new book August 8th 8pm (DV)

Here are the first study questions.


respectable sins

Lesson 1   Chapter 1-3                         August 8th 8pm   (DV)

Read chapter 1-3

  1. Why do you think we tend to major on the sins in society while we overlook our own more subtle ones?

2. Define sin and say why it is important to do so.

3. Where is the seat of sin, where does it spring from and what is the result?

4.Why has the word sin virtually stopped being used?

5. List some sins we tend to overlook.

6. Describe what Galatians 5:17 and Romans 7:15 are speaking about?

7. What then is our responsibility? (Gal.5:16, I Peter 2:11, Eph.4:29)

8. Outline God’s standard of behaviour ( I Cor.4:5, Ps.139:1-4).

9. Why should we take “hidden and respectable sins” seriously?

10. What stood out to you personally in this study and what have you learnt?




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