Pursuit of Holiness (Resume)

Pursuit of Holiness  (Resume)


  1. We are sanctified, once for all in Christ and that is our status (I.Cor.1:30, Eph.1:4 and Hebrews 10:10, 14). But we in ourselves are totally depraved and are being sanctified progressively daily battling our sins and old nature and growing more like our Saviour.(see Qu.5 below)
  2. There are many possible reasons God makes sanctification a lifelong process-here are some:  that we learn to depend upon him for help and forgiveness (as our Father);  that we prove our love;that we hope for glory;to keep us humble; that we learn to deal with other sinful people (forgiving and confronting); that we experience his grace and power . The gradual elimination of the heathen Canaanites from the promised land is a useful illustration (Ex.23:29-33)
  3. Holiness consists a) consecration/devotion to God and b) the godly life of the antithesis (against sin and the sinful world).

4. The main motivation to be holy ought to be profound thankfulness to the God of our salvation but also to please him and enjoy his fellowship.

5. Sanctification is progressive as taught in the transformation of II Cor.3:18, the “more and more” verses e.g.Phil1:9, the metaphor of growth (I Peter 2:2 and II Peter 3:18) and the many exhortations to “put on” and “put off” in the epistles.

6. We inadvertently missed the next question (my fault) but I think we would all agree that our thoughts are the most difficult area of our lives to make holy (II Cor.10:5 and Ps.139:23-24).

7. Peter and Paul use several metaphors /illustrations to describe our part in being holy-they are:

Fighting and being a soldier; making effort and being an athlete; putting on and off clothes.

Our main responsibility in this is partaking of the means of grace (The word and prayer) but also our response to God’s chastening (Heb.12:1-12).

8.The major faculty of our being meant to rule in our lives is the mind or reason. Hence we need knowledge (Scriptural).

9. Faith consists union with Christ (unconscious-like branch drawing sap from vine-a reality even in young elect infants) and conscious believing and obeying the word (Heb.11).

10. Joy is the fruit of the Spirit and a product of holiness (Rom.14:17).


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