Hosea and Agriculture (2)

untitled untitled.png 2

Sung :  Psalm 147:12-20 (note beautiful imagery of weather!)

Read :  Hosea 9:1-10


We looked at two aspects of agriculture as Hosea uses these natural images to warn and teach the people of Israel.

  1. Weather: rain (former and latter, meaning spring and autumn) was essential for the land to produce crops. Similarly his blessings were like rain for the people (10:12, 6:3-4).

Disaster came in the form of drought, prevailing east winds and whirlwinds (8:7, 12:1, 13:3, 15) also (2:3, 4:3).

2. Ephemeral weather: morning cloud and dew which both evaporated very quickly (6:4, 13:3). Their goodness was likened to this and their persons  would be taken away in similar fashion upon the Assyrian invasion.

3.Farming: We read of every stage of crop production from ploughing (furrows and yoke 10:4, 11-13, 12:11) and sowing (2:23, 8:7) to reaping, threshing, winnowing (13:3, 9:1-2, 10:11) and storing. (2:9). Thus the Word Incarnate used farming imagery often to illustrate truth in his parables of the sower etc.In viticulture we have the production of wine (9:2, 10). This is inevitable really as Israel is in other scriptures herself likened to a vine however the winepress is a picture repeated in Isaiah 63:1-4 and Revelation 14:18-20, 19:15 of the fierce wrath of God in Christ as he crushes and destroys all his enemies.


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