Bound to join


Prof. David J. Engelsma received much criticism for upholding Belgic Confession Article 28 that states, ” That every one is bound to join himself to the true Church.” The main reason for this is highlighted by his former colleague Prof. Herman Hanko in his new book “Faith Made Perfect” where he states,” (James) has just said that our ongoing regeneration (our faith and sanctification) takes place by the preaching. Such would never be the fruit of the preaching if we paid no attention to what the minister says.” (or if we skip services or leave a true church-JK). “Preaching is the calling of the church in the world. It is most important because by the preaching Christ himself gathers, defends, and preserves his church.” “We are therefore to receive into our hearts the preaching as the powerful word of Christ. We are to receive it by being swift to hear and slow to wrath. And we are to receive it as the word, ‘which is able to save (our) souls.’ ” (Hence if you separate yourself from that preaching you are either reprobate or a foolish believer who thinks they can persevere without preaching and will backslide terribly-JK). You all know the coal that falls out of the fire illustration!


Faith Made Perfect


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