Joy (5). Source-God, his words and his works.

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Coming to our final look at joy in Scripture we can recapitulate and say without question that God triune is the source of our joy (Rom.5:11). His works bring joy, notably the incarnation (Luke 2:10), the coming of the Kingdom through the preaching of the gospel (Matt.13:44) and the resurrection of Christ (Matt.28:8).

God’s word through Christ and the teaching of the apostles is a major source of joy (John 15:11, 17:13, II Cor.1:24, I John 1:4). Praying and answers to prayer bring joy (Phil.1:4, John 16:24). Praise in song (Psalm singing) is meant to be joyful as so many Psalms command and exhibit (Ps.95:1-2). Fellowship with God’s people and our unity is joyful (Rom.15:32, II Cor.7:13, Philemon 7, 20, Phil.2:2). Affliction, by the grace of God brings joy (II Cor.7:4, 8:2) and even martyrdom (Phil.2:17-18). But finishing our life’s calling should be a joy (Acts20:24).

Ultimate joy for the church and creation come with the full redemption of creation on the last day (Ps.98:7-9 and Is.49:13).

So in summary, our joy stems from God’s word and works in the past and his present grace as our living Saviour and help.


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