Harlotry in Ezekiel (8)


These portions are among the most graphic in Scripture likening the spiritual whoredom of God’s church to the degrading prostitution of sisters.

We sang Psalm 45:6-11-a song about a wedding and coronation.

We read Ezekiel 23:1-21

We have here the account of two sisters:

Aholah (Samaria) the older Aholiba (Judah/Jerusalem) the younger
Name means: her own tent (she lays claim to what

she believes is her sole prerogative (her tabernacle)

Name means: my tent is in her (God speaking about his tabernacle)
Vv5-10 Vv11-21
She makes political and idolatrous alliance with Assyria They both started young (vv3,19) indeed in Egypt where thay were enamoured by the Egyptian gods.
Her lovers become her slaughterers

Judgment is inevitable on these two whorish women vv22-35.

Their hypocrisy is awful vv38-39 (child sacrifice alongside temple worship)

The result is she is stoned to death v47. I suppose the N.T equivalent is Christ removing the candlestick and giving them over to their sins.

A similar picture is seen in Ezekiel 16:1-43. These harlots degrade themselves to please their customers, a clear O.T. picture of modern churches compromising with political correctness and the mores of society (fornication, adulterous remarriages, sodomy etc.) This abandoned baby becomes a girl with whom God makes his covenant (vv3-14). God gives her good gifts but she abuses them in her pride just as the wicked do today with all God’s providence. They have no right to them being “squatters” in his world and they shall be taken away with no abiding place for them.

Notice v15ff all Baptist God calls them “my children”.

With the sins of Samaria, Jerusalem and Sodom (three sisters v44), “evangelical” Jerusalem being the worst, even the pagans are disgusted (v27) and judgment follows (vv37-43)

BUT vv60-61 cf. Hosea 3:19-20 God faithfully keeps his covenant with his betrothed remnant. This he did in the cross of Christ where all his people were betrothed to him (Eph.5:25), whereupon he married his catholic bride (at Pentecost) and we await the eternal marriage feast (Rev.19:7, 21:1,9-10,22:17).

Rich truth indeed but beware harlot apostate and apostatising churches! If you are members of one get out quickly!


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