An open letter to Justin Gatlin

Agree 100%. Athletics is supposed to be a PURE SPORT!


Dear Justin,

You are EVERYTHING that is wrong with the sport I love.

How dare you say “I’m not the kind of guy to cheat people of their money or let the fans down … that’s not what I do” when:
• You cheated every single athlete who ever finished behind you in a race from the day you started using testosterone* to the day you were caught for it in 2006. (* or the day it started being administered without your knowledge)
• Every time you made a relay team until 2006 you cheated a clean athlete out of a place.
• Every time you stood on a podium you robbed a clean athlete of that moment.
• And you NEVER ONCE apologised. Not to your fellow athletes. Not to your federation. Not to the fans.

And it doesn’t stop when you returned from your (second) ban in 2010…

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