Hosea (4)


Sung  Psalm 73:23-28 (note whoring).

Reading  Hosea 4:10-19

Israel’s spiritual adultery/whoredom is spoken of in v12, physical adultery v11 where both drunkenness and fornication make them lose their sense and morals. Both spiritual and physical adultery are spoken of in v13 as cause and effect. The clear connection between the two is shown in v14. In Israel’s history Baalpeor was the site of their spiritual and physical adultery to which bravely Phinehas put a stop (Numbers 25).

Unfaithfulness to spouse and to God characterises adultery and whoredom in both realms. Sexual sin and perversion is a judgment of God upon idolatry (Romans 1:19-32).

So as we progress through this book we see Israel’s clients─ the idols, Israel’s service─ incense, sacrifices and prayer, and the reward being “not enough”. Further aspects of harlotry are the fact most like to keep it hidden (5:3) but obviously not from God, it’s defiling nature (v3), the fact it enslaves and as a perverse spirit it pervades all of society (v4). Our society cannot bear one final reaction to it which is God’s (and our) revulsion (6:10).

As judgment God will send famine (9:1-2), although at other times and with individuals he may allow prosperity (Luke 12:16-20). The leaders and royalty were all involved (7:4) and political adultery was another form of it (8:9).

The payback for all was terrible─Gomer became a slave, the wives and daughters of Israel were defiled and the whole country plundered by the Assyrians.


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