Household Baptism (Baptism of infants)

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Who should be baptised? Well every denomination agrees that adults who confess their faith should. Fine, but when it comes to the children of believing parents we separate into credobaptist and paedobaptist. The credobaptist says children, especially infants, can’t profess faith so they must not be baptised. The paedobaptist says God makes his covenant with believers and their seed (children). The O.T. people of God gave their young children the covenant sign and since there is only ONE people of God in all time, the N.T. believer has the same command to obey. Paul calls the children of at least one believing parent “holy” in first Corinthians. While we acknowledge only the elect children are included in the covenant, the fact remains ALL were to be given the sign. Witness Jacob and Esau. Jacob was elect and Esau was not. But wasn’t circumcision given to the Jews only and a sign of their incorporation into the physical seed of Abraham? It had nothing to do with believing! No! Listen to this quote, “Herman Hanko: “Baptism and circumcision are identical in every respect except in their outward form, and their outward form is in keeping with the different dispensation in which they were given as signs of the covenant. The Scriptures are very clear on the point that circumcision and baptism both signify essentially the same thing. Both refer to the inward cleansing of the hearts of God’s people through regeneration and sanctification; both are signs and seals of the righteousness which is by faith; both refer to the work of sanctification through Jesus Christ” (We Are Our Children, p. 54).

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