Hosea (3)



Sung Psalm 106:34-42 (note reference to harlotry)

Read Hosea 2:2-20

We will be looking at this book THEMATICALLY

Theme one: HARLOTRY (1:2).

Did the prophet really marry a harlot? It was a sin and a bad example but we believe it was a unique and exceptional command with good reason cf. sacrifice your son Isaac, plunder the Egyptians.

The proof his wife Gomer was a harlot:

1) Her clients whom she calls “lovers . Israel’s were the Baalim.

2) Her service (described). For Israel it was offerings, sacrifices and idol images

3) Her payment. She gained all her living (calls it rewards 2:12). Israel wanted agricultural plenty (Baal was a fertility god).

What aggravated her sin was that she was married (think of the heartache of the prophet) and had children!The first son was Hosea’s but the other daughter and son were likely not his (2:4).


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