Hosea (2)

Hosea (lesson 2)

Significant relatives.


We sang  Psalm 128 (the blessed family)

The genealogy of the prophets is significant when they are mentioned in scripture. For example the fathers of Zechariah, Zephaniah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah were priests confirming their necessary lineage. Similarly the mothers of prophets are mentioned if they played a significant or unusual part  in the lives of their sons e.g. Jochebed (Moses), Hannah (Samuel), Elizabeth (John the baptist) and Mary (Christ).

The marital status had very significant lessons to teach the prophet and people e.g. Jeremiah was single (a great slaughter was coming), Ezekiel was suddenly widowed (a sign of God’s dealing with the Jews), Isaiah’s wife was a prophetess and her children’s names prophetically again told the people (Israel in this case) what was to befall them (Isaiah 8).

When we come to Hosea we have the only minor prophet whose wife is mentioned and she is different from all the rest in that she was a harlot. As in the case of Isaiah the names given to the two sons and one daughter prophetically illustrate God’s future dealings with the people of Israel. When people asked the prophets about either their marital status or the names of their children, they would have given the message from God that was commensurate with those family details.


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