Prof. Dornan, what about the tiny lives destroyed by abortion?

May there be some bold pro-life Christians willing to speak up for the sanctity of life and oppose these pro-death lobbyists and warn them that murderers shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.


The Truth Shall Set You Free

Professor Jim Dornan, a retired consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Northern Ireland is one of the speakers at a pro-abortion event organised by Medical Students for Choice, Queen’s University Belfast, next Tuesday, 2nd December.

Professor Dornan is the President of a premature baby charity in Northern Ireland called TinyLife, so it is inexplicable why he would want to be associated in any way with a pro-abortion group.

However, a closer examination of his somewhat ambiguous views on abortion will reveal that he, and they, are perhaps not such strange bedfellows after all.

Last year he had a book launch for his book entitled, “An Everyday Miracle.”

He was interviewed by a NI newspaper, the Irish News, about his book, and the article was entitled, “Reflecting on the miracle of life,” and here follows a quote (from the newspaper,)

“He (Dornan) treads lightly around the hot abortion topic in his book but it is…

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God’s covenant

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The tabernacle, symbol of God, dwelling among his people.

    The basics, as I understand them… God’s covenant starts within his own being. God is triune, he is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three persons united inseparably and eternally in love, all with the same purpose which is the glory of the Father. In his electing love, God purposes this covenant to embrace all his chosen people from Jew and Gentile, for whom Christ will die as a propitiation of their sins and the Spirit will engraft into Christ by faith and make them one with both him and the Father. Isaiah 49:6, ” And give thee for a covenant of the people; Jews and Gentiles, all that are given to him, and whom he redeems by his blood, whom the Spirit sanctifies, and applies the blessings and promises of the covenant to; which is to be understood of the covenant of grace: Christ is said to be given for it unto them, he being the representative of these people in it; the surety of it for them; the Mediator and messenger of it to them; and the ratifier and confirmer of it; and as he is the great blessing of it, the sum and substance of it; and as all the blessings and promises of it are in him; and this may respect the constitution of the covenant from everlasting, and the manifestation of it in time; and this is a gift of God honourable to Christ, of free grace to his people, very comprehensive and unspeakable. “To establish the earth”, which, were it not for Christ, and his covenant and suretyship engagements for his people, and for the sake of them, and their salvation, would long ago have been dissolved and broke to pieces; but he bears up the pillars of it; and, when he has gathered in all his people, will destroy it. (John Gill)
It must be pointed out that this covenant is not  like an agreement or pact between two equals. It is sovereign, unconditional, and monergistic meaning God purposes it and carries it through with no conditions needing fulfilled on our part. He works regeneration and faith without our aid and indeed against our sinful nature and inbuilt inclination to hate him. A picture of this is given when God as the smoking lamp passed alone between the split animals when he covenanted with Abraham who was sleeping (Genesis 15:17).

    The covenant “formula” as it is sometimes called is ” I will dwell among you, and you shall be my people”  as spoken by the Lord in Exodus 25:8, quoted in II Corinthians 6:16 and re-iterated in numerous other scriptures like I John 4:13 and in the ultimate fulfilment of the covenant in Revelation 21:3.

     In the Old Covenant (testament) the covenant was revealed in types (tabernacle, altar, sacrifices and those in the sphere of the covenant were given the sign of circumcision). In the New Covenant (Testament) we have the reality of Christ crucified, risen and exalted and the sign of baptism, again for all in the sphere of the covenant (infant as well as professing adult).




     Very important fact, that is lost on all Baptists, is that God ALWAYS make his covenant with believers and their children, which is why they always got the sign (Gen.17:7, Is.44:3). God is ever mindful of his covenant (Ps.11:5) which is why every Christian should know at least something about it and be convinced he is a part of it! His covenant is eternal, unchanging and infinite love for Christ and all who are in him! This is the truth about JEHOVAH, our covenant God.

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Beauty and soul satisfying holiness versus ugly, godless, self-indulgence and sin.

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The elusive nature of mystery gives a thing or person its attractive force, whereas shameless nudity deprives a woman of the unparalleled beauty of feminine grace and dignity, for instance. Why have westerners, in an act of damnable spiritual adultery, become so infatuated with eastern mysticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Theosophy, yoga, karate, the New Age, and all things Asian? The exoticism and mystery of cultures, ideologies, and worldviews radically different than their own coupled with an insatiable sinfully depraved proclivity to rebel against the conservative Christian paradigm that has defined the occident or western civilization, in stark contradistinction to the west’s former medieval xenophobia. In a word, man myopically and stupidly thinks that stolen waters are sweet and that bread eaten in secret is pleasant, naively ignoring the eternally dooming and tormenting reality that though the pleasure of sin lasts for a season, in the end the venom of this serpent immortally wounds.

Why is God infinitely attractive and eternally beautiful? Because His ways are beyond discovery. Eternity will not suffice to explore all the infinite depths of His Knowledge, Wisdom, Power, Love, and aggregate Glory! Why are those who hunger and thirst for the righteousness of Jesus Christ the only souls truly sated and gratified in this world? It is because His Love knows no bounds, His Holiness has no limit, His Glories transcend infinity itself (hyperbolically speaking). Glory to His Name! Sin will never satisfy, because its elusive mystery is naught more than a smokescreen, even smoke and mirrors that lead to the mouth of Hell itself, even eternal destruction from the Parousia of the Lord. Sin has no real beauty, only a cheap imitation of the Beauty of Holiness. So serve the Lord in the perennial Beauty of Holiness. Holiness to the Lord! Quod erat demonstrandum.

Daniel and family.

Holiness in little things!

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But a holy life is made up of a multitude of small things…Little words, not eloquent speeches or sermons; little deeds, not miracles, nor battles, nor one great heroic act or mighty martyrdom, make up the true Christian life…The avoidance of little evils, little sins, little inconsistencies, little weaknesses, little follies, little indiscretions and imprudences, little foibles, little indulgences of self and of the flesh, little acts of indolence or indecision or slovenliness or cowardice, little equivocations or aberrations from high integrity, little touches of shabbiness and meanness, little bits of covetousness and penuriousness, little exhibitions of worldliness and gaiety, little indifferences to the feelings or wishes of others, little outbreaks of temper, crossness, selfishness, vanity—the avoidance of such little things as these goes far to make up at least the negative beauty of a holy life.

~Horatius Bonar

“He that is faithful in least is faithful also in much”, said  Jesus.

Daniel Stephen Courney-missionary in India.

Sinai and the sermon on the mount-a contrast?!


From Daniel Stephen Courney, missionary in India.

When YHWH appeared on Mount Sinai, His Glorious, Terrible, and Ominously Omnipotent presence was accompanied by an eternally consuming Inferno of Infinite Holiness, brilliant Flashes of Lightning, soul-shaking booming peals of Thunder, an impenetrable Nebula of Darkness, a localized Earthquake that caused the very mount itself to reel and stagger like a drunken man and a powerful, piercing, and a conscience-awakening Trumpet blast that ascendingly amplified in sound culminating in the crescendo of Moses’ discourse with the Word of God, answering in the portentous and powerful Voice of the fortissimo rumble of Theocratic Thunder. The covenant people of God were barred from even so much as touching the Mountain of the Lord, let alone daring to gaze upon His Dark, Dooming Glory — on pain of death. The response of the children of the first Adam? Their requesting Moses to be their intermediary interlocutor, paralyzed by the thought of direct communication with God Himself.

Contrastingly, when YHWH, even YHWH’s salvation (the meaning of the Yehoshua/Jesus) Personified, appeared on the Mount of Matthew chapters 5 through 7, He used no intermediary but appeared Personally and communicated directly to His covenant community (Heb. 1:1-2), contrary to the original wishes of the sons of Adam. Yet, they were gloriously relieved when He Spoke Directly to them by His Son. His Parousia or Presence was accompanied by Great Light, i.e. Knowledge, warmth, compassion, gentle instruction, comforting assurance and hope, and eternal welcome. Not only were His disciples allowed to not only climb the mountain with Him, they were welcomed most mercifully to sit with His Majesty! No terrible thunders, fearful flashes of lightning, no trumpet blast, no earthquake — no ominous ostentation. Only Love. Only Mercy. Only Grace. Only Good News. Only Life, even Eternal, Abundant Life. Glory, Hallelujah. Are you damningly bound by the covenant of works, or have you been inducted into the covenant of grace by repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ? Have you been born again? If not, be warned — IT IS A FEARFUL THING TO FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE LIVING GOD, FOR HE IS AN ETERNALLY CONSUMING FIRE.

See Exodus 19:9, 11-12, 16, 18-19, 21; 20:18-19 over against Matthew 5:1

Yet Jehovah and Jehovah Jesus are ONE!-JK

Giving Thanks Always!

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Ron and wife Sherry.

Ron Koole, principle of Hope Protestant Reformed School, Grand Rapids, Michigan fell from a hide from which he was bow shooting some weeks back breaking his neck. He is recovering, though paralysed from chest down. This post is a testimony to his God who does all things well.

Thanksgiving…….and much to be thankful for! In our devotions at noon today…..with the whole family present….one of the last verses Ron read before praying was Ephesians 5:20, “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;”. He then spoke to the grand kids ….and all of us…..saying this was going to become the family saying….motto(?)…..from now on…..”Giving thanks ALWAYS!” He then encouraged …..or maybe I should say bribed them to remember this phrase and say it to him every time they saw him. If they did,…. he said he would have a “treat” for them. Now who do you suppose is going to be in charge of getting those treats? :). He’s already telling me I better have lots of them on hand. I’m just going to have to make sure they only “collect” once on this offer every time they see him and not when they come AND go and how ever many times in between…..or I’m going to go broke! But then it would be money well spent, right? ……Having the kids learn to give thanks always and in all things …..would be priceless. Something we ALL need to learn. And so we thank God for all He has done in our lives……for life, for health, for faith and hope and trust in Him, for family, for friends, for a name and a place in His church, for lively preaching of the Word by the lips of faithful men, for our schools and their teachers, and the list can go on and on. But….. God has not promised skies always blue Flower strewn pathways all our life through. God has not promised sun without rain, Joy without sorrow, peace without pain…. And so we must learn to be thankful also ….and always…for these things, too. We know that ALL things work together for good to those who love God. We sing with the Psalmist, ” Affliction has been for my profit….” This has been our experience. ….even in this life altering trial He has given. And for that we give Him thanks. We know that some of the days ahead will be difficult ….maybe many. But we already see good in this trial too. Our family bond….which was close to begin with…has been strengthened as we have drawn closer together. Our lives have been changed forever ….but I believe it has been for the better. The communion of the body of Christ is a beautiful thing. This event in our lives doesn’t only have an affect on us. But we have seen and felt how it has reached far beyond just our family,….beyond our community, our state, and even beyond our country!! Words cannot begin to discribe the emotions I feel……I stand in awe at the goodness of God, even in this. People say, “We can’t imagine what you’re going through,”. You’re right, if you haven’t been through something like this , you probably can’t. But, if you haven’t been through something like this, then you also can’t imagine what your love and concern, your thoughts and your prayers, and your many deeds of kindness mean to us. The body of believers…..a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL thing for which we give much thanks ….ALWAYS!! Love to you all, Until next time, -Sherry



Be Zealous

by youngcalvinists


Jehu who boasted of his zeal for the Lord (II Kings 10:16).

“Who (Christ) gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.” Titus 2:14

Friend, please read that again.

Do those words bring a prickle of shame? Do you feel guilt? I hope so. I know I do.

Has anyone ever told you that you’re peculiar? Most likely someone has at some point in time. Has anyone ever told you that you’re peculiar because you have shown yourself to be zealous in your service to the Lord? I doubt it. No one has ever told me that. And that’s certainly not to my credit, or yours.

What is zeal? Here’s the definition I found fitting: “great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.” To be zealous is to pursue something with energy, to devote time and enthusiasm to a particular activity.

How often don’t we make comments about each other, noting the important things in each other’s lives? We often say “You can tell that basketball is important to him.” “She really cares about her school work.” “He puts so much effort into his job.” Our actions each day show what we value as most important. The things we’re excited about, discuss with our friends, and devote much of our time to are the things we’re zealous about.  But why are the comments we always make pointing to zeal for earthly activities? There’s nothing wrong with being zealous for earthly activities ( Whatever you do, do heartily and all to the glory of God-JK) – and often they’re good things to care about – but there is certainly an imbalance where spiritual activities are concerned. Is it because earthly things are easier to talk about than spiritual things? Perhaps, but I doubt it. I think we most often take note of the zeal for earthly things because most often that’s the only real zeal we are showing.

I very rarely am zealous in doing good works. I am next to never enthusiastic about sitting down for devotions time each day. Even when I do flee a particular temptation, I don’t follow the Lord’s will with great energy and excitement. I am far from zealous in being a servant of Christ. In fact, most days I am the exact opposite. I’m a sinful child, ungrateful and unwilling to obey my gracious Father. If you’re anything like me, the same is true of you. Zeal for the Lord seems like a lot to ask of us.

But Christ (zealously-JK) gave himself for me and for you, friend. (It was said of him, “The zeal of thine house has eaten me up” (Psalm 69:9-JK) Every bit of himself, offered for us. And what does he ask in return? He asks for energy and enthusiasm in doing the good works He calls us to. And we often feel like he asks too much? We ought to be humbled by his grace. Ashamed of our attitudes.

“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore, and repent.” Revelation 3:19

Repent, friend. And then go out today, and tomorrow, and every day and be consciously, actively zealous to the point of peculiarity. Be excited when you open your Bible for devotions (every morning-JK) or tonight, rather than opening it out of a sense of duty or guilt that you haven’t lately. Be the peculiar one, the one zealous enough to tell your friends that you won’t watch the movie they’re popping in when you know that none of you should be watching what will come up on that screen. Be zealous enough to drive to school in silence because every song you flipped through on the radio was filled with profanity or inappropriate lyrics. Be enthusiastic as you encourage and help others. Whatever good works the Lord calls you to, do them not because it’s commanded, but do them because you have a thankful, grateful, zealous heart. Be zealous to the point that others see that the work of the Lord is the most important thing you do during your day.

Anna Van Egdom   

Kingdom of God (8f) Sphere of Blessedness.


Reading Matthew 13:1-23

Those citizens of the Kingdom are blessed in this world and the next.

Beatitudes   Matthew 5 contains 9 “blesseds” some concerning this world, some the next and some both.

  1. In this life: Material and spiritual provision.We have the promise of Matt.6:33 against worry.

Matt.7:11 promises care.

Matt.13 we have revealed to us the mysteries of the kingdom, we bring forth fruit.

God through Satan prevents understanding and retention of truth, hides it in fact, and

Blinds people (Matt.11:25).

We have treasure! (Matt.13:44). The gospel-knowledge of the Son (eternal life).

We exert Christian (spiritual) violence against sin and for truth (Matt.11:12).

We have rest from the burden of sin (Matt.11:29).

Includes children (Luke 18:16).

  1. In the next life: Marriage supperSitting with all the elect, including the patriarchs (Matt.8:11; Luke 13:28-29; Luke 16:22; Matt.20:23; Luke 14:15; 22:16, 18, 29-30; Matt.26:29) in order to eat and drink with them (Rev.19:7-9).

Pursuit of Holiness. Lesson 4

CPRC Men’s Bible Study    

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December 13th (DV)

Pursuit of Holiness   Lesson 4

Read chapters 7 and 8 of book.

  1. Write down your main impressions after reading the chapters.

2. Write down what Romans 6:11 means to you.

3. Review Isaiah 66:2 and I Thess. 5:23-24. How should we express our dependence on the Holy Spirit for holiness?

4. From each of the following verses write a brief statement of how the Spirit helps us in our pursuit of holiness. Romans 8:9; Romans  8:13; Galatians 5:16; Ephesians 3:16; Philippians 2:12-13.

5. Read the following verses and write a statement describing your personal responsibility for holiness.

Hebrews 12:1; James 4:7; II Peter 3:14.

6. What else do you glean from these verses? I Cor.6:18-19; Eph.3:14-21; Phil.4:11-13; Col.1:9-11; I Thess.4:7-8.

7. How can we express at the same time both an attitude of dependence on the Holy Spirit and acceptance of our own responsibility for holiness?

Any personal application required?