This system of eschatology (end times doctrine) teaches that Christ returns, raises all the dead saints and sets up an earthly kingdom based in Jerusalem, consisting of a restored converted Jewish nation along with Gentiles for 1,000 years, at the end of which there is a general resurrection and judgment and the creation of new heavens and earth. The kingdom is a strange mixture of glorified and non-glorified people in a world that is still cursed-it is pure fiction!

Scripture teaches that there is ONE visible return of Christ at the end of the world (the DAY OF THE LORD), when all the saints will be resurrected, all the wicked will be resurrected, the general judgment ensues, and the new heavens and earth are inaugurated (I Cor.15:23ff; II Peter 3:9; Rev.20:12,13; Jude 14,15.

ONE resurrection on the LAST DAY- John 5:29; John 6:39-45; John 11:24; I Cor.15:51,52.

The kingdom is HEAVENLY-John 18:36;Heb.12:22,23.

The kingdom is EVERLASTING-Dan.4:34;Dan.7:27;II Peter 1:11.

“True JEWS are the spiritual descendants of Abraham, all believers Jew and Gentile (Rom.2:28,29; Gal.3:29; Phil.3:3). Israel is the church and the church is Israel. So too the kingdom is the church and the church is the kingdom (RH).” This is the Christian’s hope-a world wherein dwells righteousness, all sin and corruption is excluded and Christ and his people are one.

Notes from “Doctrine according to Godliness” by Rev.Ron Hanko, RFPA books, 2004.



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