Our only comfort Heidelberg Catechism Conference Thanksgiving for 450 years Oct 17-19th 2013




All the messages from this conference are available to hear at:

Conference messages

The History and Purpose of the Heidelberg Catechism (1)
Dr. Jürgen-Burkhard Klautke | Our Only Comfort, 450 Years
Comfort For Living and Dying, The HC’s Grand Theme. Prof Ronald Cammenga (2)
The Great Blessing of Preaching the Catechism (3)
Prof. Barry Gritters | Our Only Comfort, 450 Years
Gratitude! The Catechism’s View of the Christian Life (4)
Rev Carl Haak | Our Only Comfort, 450 Years
  The Irenic/Polemic Nature of the Catechism (5)
Rev. Angus Stewart    
 The Catechism: A Covenantal Confession (6)Prof. Russell Dykstra



Some gleanings from Prof.Gritters:The blessings of Heidelberg Catechism preaching.

1)       Grounds believers in sound doctrine

2)      Anchors church in history and tradition

3)      Theological balance and whole counsel of God.

4)      Unity

5)       Confessional identity

6)      It is the Gospel.

7)       Reminds us to live antithetically.

8)      Retains a proper subjective element in preaching-what we should love, hate etc.

And one from Rev Carl Haak: “Thankfulness is the power of holiness.”


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