There will be no earthly millenium!

There is much Biblical proof that there is ONLY ONE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, which bisects time into THIS AGE and THE AGE TO COME, His coming will be THE END OF THE WORLD as we know it and the beginning of ETERNITY. We are in the LAST DAYS of planet earth as we know it.


1)      Only TWO AGES. Ephesians 1:21. ‘Not only in this world (aeon=age) but also that which is to come.’ Christ also spoke of marriage in this world but not in the next thereby excluding any earthly millennium after the resurrection. Matthew 12:26. Jew and Gentile are manifestly united and all equal in the church (Eph. 2:13-22) and hence there does not fit with any Jewish millennial kingdom with the Jews in the ascendancy. An earthly millennium or temple, the product of a dispensational eschatology also denies the fundamental unity of the church in all ages-Israel is the church and the church is Israel (Galatians 3:7,29. Romans 2:28,29).

2)      Christ’s coming is called the DAY OF THE LORD. There can only be ONE DAY OF THE LORD.

What happens on that day? A public (Matthew 24:27,30-no secret rapture!), global appearing of the ascended KING of Kings at the Last trump with his angels (Matt.24:31,25:31) to separate the harvest of souls, destruction of Antichrist and his forces, general resurrection, judgement and ushering in of new heavens and earth ie eternal state. Matthew 13:39, John 5:28,29,I Cor. 15:52, I Thess. 4:16-18,II Thess. 1:7-9, II Tim.4:1,Jude 14. Acts 3:21 in particular states it is the time of the restitution of ALL THINGS. Heb. 12:26. An earthly millennial reign from a restored temple in Jerusalem with sinners still on earth is NOT the restitution of all things, and it is a retrograde step back to a building which was a type of Christ (‘A greater than the temple is here’ ,Matthew 12:6). Romans 8:21-24 links our complete redemption with the NEW CREATION. Why would Christ need to descend again if he is already reigning in a millennial kingdom on earth?


3)      We are in the LAST DAYS now. How could this be true if there was still a 1000 year earthly reign to come? I Cor.10:11.These last days, which stretch from Christ’s first to His second coming include Christ’s ministry- Heb.1:7,Pentecost Acts 2:17, falling away of professing church, apostasy,the coming of Antichrist (II Thess.2:8, peril and persecution (worst ever) II Tim.1:3, II Peter 3:1-10.Matthew 24:24-31. Christ has once appeared to bring salvation by the cross, He will come back ONCE MORE to usher in universal salvation and the vindication of His justice and to avenge and  vindicate  His saints. Heb.9:28. This is our hope. NOT any earthly Jewish reign from Jerusalem. His coming is cataclysmic Rev.6:10-17.

Why would our prayer be COME LORD JESUS if it were to an erthly reign with sinners still on earth? No! COME LORD JESUS and usher in thy UNIVERSAL REIGN OF ABSOLUTE RIGHTEOUSNESS in which there are no sinners and  no sin at all. Revelation21,22.


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